Sahathai Printing&Packaging

STP CSR 2020

SahaThai Printing & Packaging Public Company Limited has organized a volunteer activity to develop STP CSR in 2020 to “Paint Wat Inthari School” by bringing company employees to classroom activities and playground landscape improvement activities. After repairs have been carried out, you may receive the following To improve the school grounds to be livable, safe, hygienic, which will result in students’ willingness to study in the right environment. In the participation area at Wat Intha-Ari School, Lad Bualuang Lad Bualuang District, Ayutthaya Province on Saturday, October 10, 2020, is another great activity that the company has adhered to and implemented in accordance with the policy. In hopes of developing and helping society to be livable. We believe that starting well, even if it is only a small point, as it continues, that it will eventually expand wider.