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Sahathai Printing and Packaging has always strived for improving its operation. Incessantly we bring in new knowledge and technology in an ambition to maximize customer satisfaction. To ensure we are ready to serve our customers, a number of machines and equipment were installed and updated regularly to cover all of the processes: Design & Development, Pre-press, Press, and Post-press.

Design & Development

At Sahathai Printing, customer needs are always our number-one priority. We study customer requirements thoroughly to provide the best packaging solutions available. Sahathai Printing has invested into the latest hardware and software to be able to cope with customers’ demand. Our R&D facility has been installed with Kongsberg sample cutter, and the newest Mac computers & software.


In pre-press, we can develop the printing plate in house with the latest Computer To Plate (CTP) to ensure our plates are at its highest quality and ready for any printing job.


To satisfy every customer requirement, we have a wide range of printing machines; 1-8 colours with in-line water-base and others coater.


Sahathai Printing has a wide variety of post-press processes including; UV coating, Calendaring, Plastic Film Lamination, Hot-Foil Stamping, Corrugating, Die-cutting, and Other Finishing Touches to make your packaging the most appealing possible.